A Wales360 Welsh lesson

Formed in Wales, Wales360 is a celebration of all things Welsh including the wonderful language.

With the countdown for the inaugural Wales360 well and truly on our competitors are out in all weathers training hard getting those Winter miles in. And as well as the training on the bike there’s also another way you can get prepared for 6 days in Wales by undertaking our Wales360 welsh lesson.

With our Wales360 route heading through some wonderful Welsh place names such as Aberystwyth, Dolgellau, Betws y Coed and Llangollen we’ll get you pronouncing your ll’s to your ch’s.

So here’s our Wales360 Croeso i Gymru (Welcome to Wales) guide:

Shwmae (Shoe-my) – The welsh way to say hello, when passing through the welsh countryside or arriving at camp at night start the conversation with Shwmae.

Beic Mynydd (Bake Munith) – One you’ll need to say a lot during the week, welsh for Mountain Bike.

Wedi blino – (Wed-ee bleen-oooo) – After a day on the bike you may need to say Wedi blino (I’m tired), however a good night sleep in camp and you’ll be ready for the next day.

Iechyd da (yeah-ch-id dah) – a good old ‘cheers’ with a beer at night

Pa mor bell? (Pa more bell – to pronounce ll just put your tongue in the position you would for an L, and blow hard) This is what you need to say when asking how far is left to go.

Araf (Arav) – Meaning slow, one hopefully you will not need.

Gyflym (Guv-limb) – the opposite to Araf, this means fast.

And finally Llongyfarchiadau (Llong-guh-varch-yad-eye) – finishing Wales360 wishing your fellow riders a Congratulations at the end of the week.