Here are some frequently asked questions about the Wales360 to give entrants a helpful overview of the event.

Our handy and extensive FAQs will hopefully answer any queries you may have about the event.

However, do not hesitate to contact us should you have any additional questions regarding the 2019 edition of Wales360.

What is the Wales360?

Wales360 is a gruelling XC MTB event on a stunning point-to-point route.

Taking place in Wales in July 2019, riders will tackle over 550 kilometres of XC MTB riding and climb around 12,700m during six consecutive days in the saddle.

How do I enter?

Entry is managed by our partner Active Network. Click ENTER at the top of our homepage to start the entry process.

Can I ride as a solo rider?

Yes, you can! It’s a great way to make friends and get away with like-minded people.

Each team or solo rider will be entered into (and for Special Stages ranked by) one of the following categories (solo versions of all categories are available) :

• Male Team Open
• Male Team Masters 40+ on 31 December 2018
• Male Team Masters 50+ on 31 December 2018
• Female Team Open
• Female Team Masters 40+ on 31 December 2018
• Female Team Masters 50+ on 31 December 2018
• Mixed Male / Female Team Open
• Mixed Male / Female Team Masters 40+ on 31 December 2018
• Mixed Male / Female Team Masters 50+ on 31 December 2018
• eBike Team (at least one rider in the team on an eBike)

How do I create/join a team?

All riders must either create or join a team if riding as a pair and will be prompted to do so during the registration process.

Can I change my team-mate(s)?

Yes, it will be possible to change your team-mate(s) prior to the start of the event given sufficient notice, should they withdraw from the event or transfer their entry to another rider.

All rider changes should be requested by emailing wales360registrations@thetour.co.uk

I have entered but am not able to ride: what are my options?

Entry fees (deposits and final balance payments) are non-refundable. In accordance with the terms and conditions of entry entrants are able to transfer entries to another rider subject to payment of an administrative fee of £25. Riders can do this themselves by logging onto their Active account before 31 May 2019. Any entrants who purchased the third party booking protection offered during registration may be entitled to a refund (this is subject to separate terms and conditions).

What happens if my team-mate withdraws from the event?

Entrants will be entitled to complete the event solo.

Wales360 isn’t a race and for safety reasons we will encourage solo riders to ride with other teams in these circumstances.

How many teams will compete in the 2019 edition of the Wales360?

We anticipate that around 250 teams (500 riders) will participate in 2019.

Entries may need to be capped due to venue capacity restrictions and safety considerations.

When and where does event sign-on take place?

All riders need to sign on at our Wales360 HQ, located at Aberystwyth University, on Sunday 21 July 2019.

How do I get to the Wales360 HQ?

Aberystwyth railway station is served by ARRIVA Trains Wales on the Shrewsbury mainline with good links to international airports in Birmingham and London. Riders intending to arrive by train should tick the appropriate boxes during the entry process. We will confirm shuttle service arrangements from there to the Wales360 HQ in due course.

Alternatively, there will be some parking available at the University. We recommend car sharing for those entrants who plan to drive to Aberystwyth.

Storage space for bike boxes will be available at Aberystwyth University.

What sort of bike and equipment do I need?

Only mountain bikes in good condition are permitted in the event. We’d recommend an XC style bike with 100mm front suspension travel as a minimum. A trail bike would be a great way to enjoy the trails.

We advise entrants to use all-around tyres, ones that roll well but still offer puncture resistance to deal with the rugged Welsh terrain.

Motorised assistance/engines are not permitted except for eBikes registered within the eBike category, which must be unmodified from the manufacturers original specification and comply with the rules for electrically assisted pedal cycles (EAPCs).

Mechanical or other connections between bicycles are not permitted (towing ropes or similar). Luggage racks, front mounted bags (mounted to the handlebars or front forks), bicycle mounted bags over two litres, aerodynamic handlebar attachments and non-malleable water bottles are not permitted.

Riders must wear a protective helmet that is a good fit, free from damage and defects, and meets internationally recognised standards such as European CE EN1078 or CPSC at all times while riding.

This is a multi-day mountain bike event, participants should equip themselves accordingly with all-weather clothing, first aid equipment, tools and materials. A basic tool kit (multi-tool, tyre levers, spare tubes, patches, CO2/pump, brake pads, chain link) should be carried en route.

When registering at Aberystwyth riders must produce a whistle and a survival bag (a lightweight metalised polyester bag is recommended), which must be carried at all times while riding.

Do I need to service my bike before the event

Yes, we’d recommend that riders service forks, shocks and bearings, as well as fit a new chain/cassette/chainring/tyres if they are already worn.

New cables and new brake pads are strongly recommended too.

However, entrants should not change their setup/position on the bike before the event: the Wales 360 is 550 kilometres of hard riding – an unfamiliar setup could lead to injury.

What time will I start riding each day?

Riders will be allocated a start time/wave for each day to ensure entrants are sufficiently spread out along the course.

Faster riders are likely to start a little bit later than slower riders; the earliest start time is likely to be around 07:45.

Will the event be timed?

We will log each team’s start and finish times each day to enable us to track how many riders are on the course. This is for health and safety reasons only.

Wales360 is not a race and while these times will be in the public domain, we will not publish a ranked general classification or award prizes.

However, there will be designated Special Stages during each day’s ride where we will time riders for competition purposes and award prizes to category winners.

What will I eat and drink?

Breakfast and evening meals, made from fresh Welsh ingredients, are included. Meals will be served in our marquee which will also have an evening bar serving Welsh beer and cider.

Appropriate food and drink will be provided at the start and at designated feed zones along each day’s route.

Occasionally the route passes through villages and towns where there may be an opportunity for riders to purchase additional items that they require.

Every participant is responsible for ensuring they take on sufficient food and drink during each day’s ride.

What if I have special dietary requirements?

There will be vegetarian options for all meals but due to the nature of the event not all allergies will not be catered for.

Is technical assistance provided?

Riders will have access to a technical service before the start, at points during each day’s ride and after the finish line.

Along the route a limited supply of inner tubes and repair kits will be available from event staff and at feed zones or designated technical zones.

Adjustment and servicing is free of charge. Maintenance will generally not be carried out.

Replacement parts as well as more extensive repair work must be paid for by the participant.

What happens if I can’t complete a day’s ride?

There will be a broom wagon service to collect participants who are unable to continue and to transport them to the finish line.

However, because of the nature of the routes, the broom wagon will not be able to follow the entire route and therefore riders may need to make their way to the nearest pick up point as directed by event staff.

If I fail to complete a day’s ride can I start the following day?

Riders will have no automatic right to continue the event.

However (considering the circumstances) participants may be permitted to continue at the organiser’s sole discretion.

If I abandon the event how will I get back to Aberystwyth?

We will arrange for any riders who abandon the event to be transported back to Aberystwyth at the first reasonable opportunity.

This may be the day after your abandonment.

How much clothing/equipment should I bring with me?

Bring no more than you really need. Riders will receive a rider bag which can accommodate a reasonable quantity of clothing and your small possessions for the week.

We will transfer this bag (and only this bag) between each day’s start and finish.

Will I be able to launder/dry my clothes?
There will be a drying area for wet clothing.

We recommend that riders bring a dry towel/microfiber style sports towel.

There will be limited access to laundry services so we advise entrants bring enough pairs of shorts/base layers to last the six days of riding.

What camping equipment will I need?

We will accommodate each team of riders with a combination of four-person (for two riders) and one-person (for one rider) tents dependent on the size of the team. Sleeping mats will also be provided. As a minimum, riders should bring a sleeping bag, small camping pillow and a head torch with them. Each tent is equipped with power points.

Ear plugs may be a good idea too.

Should I bring a bike computer/GPS device?

It is mandatory that riders have access to a bike computer/GPS device that enables them to follow a GPX track on a digital map as well as pinpointing their location.

The route will be well marked but over the course of 550 kilometres it is possible that riders could miss a turn.

A small power bank / battery pack and cables will be required to keep electronic devices working during long days on the trail.

Can I bring valuables?

We strictly advise against bringing valuables with you.

Items such as mobile phones and bike computers are necessary, but expensive watches and laptops are not.

Riders will be staying in a tent each night and will be responsible for the security of their possessions.

The Wales360 camp will be fenced, and we will have arrangements in place to ensure bikes cannot leave camp without their rightful owner but we can’t be held responsible for other belongings.

Will I be able to charge my phone, bike computer, eBike batteries etc?

There will be power points available in each tent to charge essential items.

We recommend that eBike riders bring two batteries with them which (with sensible use) should last for a days riding.

What will I do with my spare eBike battery each day?

They will be transported by our crew to a point roughly midway through each day’s ride to ensure that eBike entrants can complete the stage.

Clearly, riders in this category will still need to be conservative in terms of how much electric assistance they use throughout the day.

Will I need to arrange insurance?

You will need insurance to cover you for incidents causing physical injury or property damage to third parties that are (or are alleged to be) your fault. You may be required to provide us with proof of this insurance cover.