Graphene Technology meets the Welsh slate. Wales360 welcomes Vittoria as tyre partner.

We’re very excited to welcome Vittoria as the Wales360 Tyre partner. Vittoria bring true innovation and revolutionary materials to the MTB tyre market. We asked them to recommend the best tyres for the Welsh trails.

The days will be long, rocky and harsh on the body. We recommend a light, full suspension Cross Country mountain bike with 29 inch wheels.

North Wales is harsh, rocky and potentially wet, we recommend a minimum tyre width of 2.25 but ideally you would run 2.35 for the extra grip, confidence and comfort. A wider tyre will allow you to run lower pressures improving grip and comfort.

We recommend a Vittoria tyre with our TNT (Tube No Tube) casing with 4 compounds of rubber and graphene for incredible grip, traction and durability. The TNT casing comes equipped with the APF (Anti Pinch Flat) Kevlar insert in the tyre wall. 

For this type of Marathon XC riding, we have a variety of suitable tread patterns for you to choose from. We recommend a Peyote or Mezcal at the back with a Barzo at the front. If things are set to be wet for the week ahead then a Barzo at the front and back would be ideal and have the worst conditions covered.

Even with the side wall protection the rear wheel in particular is prone to rimming out on rocks. This can cause pinch flats and rips to the tyre casing. To eliminate this risk we recommend using the Vittoria Airliner. The Airliner is a polymer tyre insert which compresses under load, providing a cushioned barrier to protect the rim and tyre from damage caused by striking rocks. 

The Peyote features low profile widely spaced centre knobs which roll quickly with larger side knobs to extra bite in harder corning. The tread is well spaced and clearly well in wetter conditions without clogging.

The Mezcal features a low profile tread that is tightly spaced in the centre, for low rolling resistance and durability. It has countless effective edges working together to grip on a variety of terrain. The Mezcal uses the proprietary Graphene enhanced 4C compound, to attain the holy grail of XC tyre grip durability and low weight.

We are proud to bring such a profile brand to our event and know that our riders will benefit from the support that Vittoria can bring to the riding experience.