Rider Info

Wales360 participants will be required to register and collect their race packs the day before the event start, similar to other mass participation events of this scale.

All riders must register in Aberystwyth between 12:00 and 17:00 on the afternoon of Sunday 21 July 2019. Event documents necessary for participation in the event will only be handed over on presentation of:

Rooms will be allocated and available from midday on Sunday 21 July 2019. There will be a compulsory pre-event briefing for all riders. Here participants will meet the Wales360 team, be given important information about the event, as well as information regarding the following day’s ride. There will be an evening meal and some entertainment / activities planned; riders will also have an opportunity to explore Aberystwyth if they wish.

Only mountain bikes in good condition are permitted in Wales360. We’d recommend an XC style bike with 100mm front suspension travel as a minimum or a reasonably lightweight trail bike. eBikes must comply with the rules for ‘electrically assisted pedal cycles’ (EAPCs). An ‘all around’ tyre which rolls well but has good puncture resistance would be the best choice.

We’d recommend you service forks, shocks and bearings. Fit a new chain and new cassette/chainring if worn and the same goes for your tyres. New cables and new brake pads are recommended also.

Don’t change your setup/position on the bike before the Wales360. It’s 550 kilometres of hard riding and an unfamiliar setup could lead to injury.

If you are riding an eBike you should bring a spare battery with you (this will be transported for you to a point mid-way through each days ride).

It is mandatory that you bring the equipment listed below with you.

Riders must familiarise themselves with all the requirements as described on this website and consider the nature of the event and pack appropriately:

A combination of a small backpack and saddle mounted bag is recommended for carrying food, clothing and equipment on the bike.